Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost Fatigue?

I was SO excited about the season premiere of Lost last week but when it was all over I was left feeling a tad...how you say?..bored? I'm pretty over the whole time traveling/flash to the future/flash to the past/flash to the your guess is as good as mine scenes.
I thought our relationship had progressed further than that. The last time we were together you were promising that all would start to make sense and we could start fresh, with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Instead I find myself daydreaming of the days of Lost past when all the drama was centered around the biggest and only mystery of "what the heck is that smoke monster thing?"

And another thing...why come can Sayid be dead and brought back to life but Juliette couldn't. Except for the fact that she is on that new T.V. show "V". I was thinking, "wait sawyer! haven't you been watching this show? Maybe she isn't really dead! Don't bury her so fast!" And what did she mean by "it worked"? I think that is when I started getting a little frustrated. They better not be not there but there at the same time. It's one thing to keep me on my toes and make me think. It is quite another to just be lame.

Also, I guess Miles was right about them exploding that bomb and how maybe that was the "incident" that everyone talked about. IDK. Maybe this week will help shed some light. It's the last season. It has to make sense eventually, right?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Banquet

We are having a Valentines Banquet at church this year and am desperately searching for some cute/inexpensive decorating ideas but so far have found nothing inspiring...if anyone sees this before FEB. 10 and would like to share some websites with pictures (gotta have pictures!) I would be most appreciative.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Guilt or Shame

I was feeling too guilty to post on my blog since I have neglected it for so long but it appears as though 85% of my blog list friends are just as pitiful as I am so it's not that big of a deal...

So I think I will start posting again. But not today. I'm pretty busy and on my way to Church. But later. For sure.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just For Fun

I took this quiz thing on Crown.org (Crown Financial Ministries) Not sure what this has to do with getting me out of debt but it was pretty cool. :)

General Description
As an Analyzer, you tend to seek perfect outcomes in all of your plans and projects. In many situations, you “take things apart” in your mind and think about ways to do them better. You excel at this kind of mental examination, but you may tend to see family and friends as “projects,” rather than as people.

Typical Areas of Strength
Analyzers, like you, tend to be analytical, logical, direct, confident, and they like new challenges. They excel at seeing the larger vision, creating efficient methods and procedures, and listening carefully for the facts.

Typical Areas of Struggle
Due to your tendency to focus on tasks, you sometimes show a lack of sensitivity to the feelings of family members and friends. When you are sharply focused on a task, you may come across as being overly critical, judgmental, blunt, or impatient with others.

Your Preferred Activities
To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which you can offer logical solutions to complex challenges, and you evaluate and make the necessary changes to assure the desired outcome.

Your Communication Style
You tend to provide insights and direction by teaching, managing, clarifying, and advising.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot And Sticky

I just wanted to tell you guys how hot I am. Yes, I know you are thinking..."well duh!" but I'm talking about temperature people! :p Seriously, I think my house was built pre-caveman so the insulation is no good. As a matter of fact it is probably asbestos so that would explain a lot...like why I can sleep 20 hours a day. Pre-coma? You be the judge. I also have one of the first ever, experimental stage, cooling systems. It doesn't really work but we let it run anyway because we enjoy massive electric bills. It is only 10 a.m. and 90 plus degrees outside and it feels better out there than in here. :/ It's a good thing I am cold natured, right? Besides, there are worse things. I could be a democrat.

Other things...

I am finally painting my walls a color that isn't in the white family. Kayla bought paint for me for my Christmas present! It takes a long time to paint walls an actual color because you have to do a good job or it will look messy which means I have to work harder to make it look good. Working hard is not my favorite...working harder is plain ridiculous. The color is brown but not chocolate brown or beige..more like a milkshake brown. Walls that make you think of ice cream cannot be a good thing. But overall I am pleased with how it is looking. However, this morning I was watching one of my favorite shows, "Design Star", and the in the preview for the next episode one of my favorite designers said, "I will gladly go home before I paint a wall brown." How am I suppose to take that? I guess until he comes over here...buys the paint...and paints the walls himself...they will just have to be brown. Besides, most of the HGTV shows tell you to go neutral! Most HGTV shows have way more to work with than I do. So W/E.

That is all for now. I am melting a little bit so I should probably go find a fan.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gentlemen Start Yer Engines

Thursday we went to Daytona Speedway. Guess who's day it was?! Of course we couldn't be that close to the "most amazing racetrack/race on the planet" and not take a tour. The girls didn't really want to go but we made them and they had fun...really. Fun they had.

They were giddy on the inside. You just can't really tell here because it was hotter than lava and they had been through 5 days of pictures already.

Victory Lane

Rocky's new friend the tour guide man. We are not just the last people to leave the church parking lot...we are the last people to get on the track trolly too.

Picture of the girls waiting for their dad to get back on the trolly truck ... Jordan taking a nap.

It's hard to see this picture but Rocky just finished setting a new "record" on the nascar racing game thing. I think I was 4th out of 4. W/E

One of the few pictures I was in (on purpose)... you see, in Florida you can take a shower, not dry your hair and not wear make up and go anywhere you want and not stand out because people just assume you just finished swimming. It was most excellent as long as no one had a camera around. All week I told the girls, "It's vacation ladies...let your ugly hang out....no one cares" And let me tell ya, we did just that. :-)

The rest of our adventures are waiting for me to pick them up at the Walmart photo counter so you'll have to sit tight and wait until I have enough energy to travel ALL THE WAY to Walmart.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

...Two Mondays Later

So I said I would post more pictures on Monday but I didn't say which one..and technically today is Sunday so I'm early. You're welcome.

This is the day we went to Disney. Since Kayla graduated this year we let her choose which Disney park she wanted to go to and she chose EPCOT.

This is when everyone was starting to get grumpy because the lines were getting long and we couldn't decide what we wanted to do next so we sat down to eat popcorn (because that is what you are supposed to do when you can't decide what to do.)Kayla was being a trooper. She is the only one who would smile.

A cool fountain and a random girl trying to lick her elbow

The boat ride that takes you through the "It's A Small World" show

Moroccan Belly Dancer

This is a picture I took of Rocky outside of the store in Morocco because we were waiting for Kayla to finish buying her magic genie lamp but she was inside flirting with the Moroccan sales boy so it took a while.

Chinese acrobats.

The only Disney characters we saw...I was a little disappointed with Mickey Mouse. You'd think that he would be all over the place since he charges so much but I didn't see him one time.