Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gentlemen Start Yer Engines

Thursday we went to Daytona Speedway. Guess who's day it was?! Of course we couldn't be that close to the "most amazing racetrack/race on the planet" and not take a tour. The girls didn't really want to go but we made them and they had fun...really. Fun they had.

They were giddy on the inside. You just can't really tell here because it was hotter than lava and they had been through 5 days of pictures already.

Victory Lane

Rocky's new friend the tour guide man. We are not just the last people to leave the church parking lot...we are the last people to get on the track trolly too.

Picture of the girls waiting for their dad to get back on the trolly truck ... Jordan taking a nap.

It's hard to see this picture but Rocky just finished setting a new "record" on the nascar racing game thing. I think I was 4th out of 4. W/E

One of the few pictures I was in (on purpose)... you see, in Florida you can take a shower, not dry your hair and not wear make up and go anywhere you want and not stand out because people just assume you just finished swimming. It was most excellent as long as no one had a camera around. All week I told the girls, "It's vacation ladies...let your ugly hang one cares" And let me tell ya, we did just that. :-)

The rest of our adventures are waiting for me to pick them up at the Walmart photo counter so you'll have to sit tight and wait until I have enough energy to travel ALL THE WAY to Walmart.

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