Saturday, July 25, 2009

...Two Mondays Later

So I said I would post more pictures on Monday but I didn't say which one..and technically today is Sunday so I'm early. You're welcome.

This is the day we went to Disney. Since Kayla graduated this year we let her choose which Disney park she wanted to go to and she chose EPCOT.

This is when everyone was starting to get grumpy because the lines were getting long and we couldn't decide what we wanted to do next so we sat down to eat popcorn (because that is what you are supposed to do when you can't decide what to do.)Kayla was being a trooper. She is the only one who would smile.

A cool fountain and a random girl trying to lick her elbow

The boat ride that takes you through the "It's A Small World" show

Moroccan Belly Dancer

This is a picture I took of Rocky outside of the store in Morocco because we were waiting for Kayla to finish buying her magic genie lamp but she was inside flirting with the Moroccan sales boy so it took a while.

Chinese acrobats.

The only Disney characters we saw...I was a little disappointed with Mickey Mouse. You'd think that he would be all over the place since he charges so much but I didn't see him one time.


Donna said...

I'm sure glad yall got to go on a fun vacation!!

Mindy said...

I was just there in April and I could've sworn that It's a Small World was at the Magic Kindgom.....

Kayla said...

That wasn't "it's a small world" you fool! that was part of the mexican boat ride in EPCOT.... its a small wor is in magic kingdom...

Christi said...

KAYLA! shhhhh. They were singing "It's a small world" though...right?

P.S. You are grounded. :)