Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kate Plus 8?

Even though I have watched a total of maybe 10 episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 I caved last night and watched the season premiere. I know, I am a hypocrite but so? It was the season premiere and I would much rather hear from the actual people what is going on instead of reading about it in trashy tabloids while standing in line at Walmart!

I have to say...it was pretty sad. I am not emotionally invested in this couple at all but I still felt really bad for them and those kids. I'm no expert but it doesn't look like those two really like each other anymore and that is sad because I am also pretty sure that this 'reality' show has a lot to do with it.

Jon is hating this whole reality thing. He is over it. But since he won't stand up to his wife and continues to let her treat him like her 9th child...he isn't getting out of it. So, plan B, act like a baby,abandon your husband/daddy duties and revert back to your teenage years. How's that working out for ya? Anyone else notice how rough that brother was looking on the show last night? Obviously noone is laying his clothes out for him or making sure he is eating a nutritious meal...

Kate, darling, you are great, amazing, beautiful, #1 mom...if I write that enough times would you consider dropping the show? I can't help but think that you have chosen this show and the glamour/money/benefits you receive from it over your family. You can still make appearances and write books and travel without having cameras following you around 24/7. Your kids have been living like this since they were born! Can't you give them a break? You can do like the rest of the moms on the planet and document your children growing up with blurry pictures and video that shakes because your hands won't be still! Think about it. You can't say it is for your family anymore. It's not for your husband and it's not for your kids...so who does that leave?

Not judging...just an observation. :)


Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

heyyyyyyyy mommmmmmy tell florida to hurry up and get here!!!!!!

Kim said...

Where ya been, G? :D