Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blahdy Blah WHAT?

I know that most of you don't watch LOST but dang...the season finale last night left my head spinning. It was just "'aight for me dawg" until the last 10 min. If you would have been in my house at 10:50 last night you would have heard...

LOL @ Miles
JOHN? JOHN IS IN THE BOX??!! Then who is....
No Ben. DON'T!
"What about you?" HAHA oOoOoOoOo
NO! STOP WITH THE BOMB! BAD IDEA! You are NOT a variable!
The End (it took me about 3 min. to recover and un-drop my jaw.)

I have officially concluded that by the end of the final season I will either be deeply offended by the story line and launching an anti-LOST campaign or I will be amazed at the genius of it all and will have to watch it all over again from episode one just to take in all of the awesomeness of it.

In Other News...

I was lucky enough to avoid braces with Kayla. Thinking I'm not gonna be so lucky with Jordan. I'm kinda bummed about it. Her teeth aren't really jacked up but they could use some straightening.
I get annoyed at these parents who have a kid with one crooked tooth on the bottom back half of their mouth, who go out and get the kid braces and pay thousands of dollars for it. That is just dumb. One crooked tooth is not going to kill a person. But when they are front teeth you kinda have to consider it. I don't really understand why they cost so much though. We are talking about glue and metal. How much could that really cost? And the orthodontist spends what? 5 seconds tightening the braces once a month? I think we are getting ripped off.

Gah, I wish someone would come clean my house! wouldn't help. I just need to have a 'throw stuff in the garbage' party. I have been watching marathons of all the HGTV decorating shows and I think I am almost ready to tackle something. I'm thinking we should have our own little challenge. What if we all picked a project we have been putting off forever and do our own little 'before and after' pictures? There would have to be a time limit because I know how unmotivated we all are...and the only prizes would be either tons of praise for a job well done or heaps of shame for those who don't finish. Sounds like fun, yes? Think about it.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

One crooked tooth can be devastating. :{ See that little pointy thing under the eyes That's my tooth poking up..LOL

And I'm so with you on the whole Lost thing. I'm reading some interesting Jacob/Esau analogies..???

Brooke said...

I'm up for the challenge...when does it end though? ha
Are we talking weeks, months, or years? hahahaha

I'm with you on Lost. I'm wondering how this is all going to go down and so not sure about the scene they are painting with the whole Jacob/John/Ben thing...