Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh For Cryin' Out Loud

I'm back! whoop whoop.

Where have I been?

A. Backpacking through Europe
B. On a secret mission for the government
C. At home, spring cleaning and being a good mom who cooks a lot of food
D. At home but too lazy to blog

You decide.

Well, I just watched the last episode of LOST and I have to tell ya that it is starting to look less like a mystery and more like a family reunion on Sand Mountain. Dude, everyone is related. Sisters are moms of brothers who are dads to the cousins who married the sisters. It is bizarre. I'm semi-upset about Daniel but at the same time would have picked him as the person (regular) that I read about who was going to be killed off the show this season...even though his demise made this whole episode seem pointless. I would also like to comment about the GOOFY smoke monster from the prior episode. Not that smoke monsters are not cool and all but when Ben flushed that muddy toilet to "call the monster" I was all, "really? A mud hole toilet? That was lame."
So I'm not really feeling a new theory here except for now I'm wondering what was the point of the secret smoke monster cave and the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Anyone out there read Egyptian wall art? Richard is the key. I am convinced. If I can figure out who he is and why he is then I got this. Maybe Richard is the dad of everyone on the island!
This better not end up being some kind of dumb public service announcement about how we are all related in one way or another so we should be nice to each other and stop shooting people.

Anyway, what else have I been doing....

My yard has been mowed TWICE in as many weeks.

I have been trying to do my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workouts but I swear I am gaining weight. Of course it could be because of those ice cream snicker bars or that Burger King at 10 p.m. but still. I can now do at least 15 push-up's without falling on my face (girl style push-up's...don't judge)

I have a new favorite show to add to my favorite show list! There is this show on Discovery channel about this group of people who have been dropped in the middle of Alaska and have to hike their way out before they die from starvation, exposure, or bear. Good stuff. It comes on after Deadliest Catch, which is also on my favorite show list.

Jade's excellent amazing best field trip ever has been cancelled. They were supposed to go to Huntsville, Al tomorrow to the Space Center but since somebody was just diagnosed with the swine flu in that area they canceled the trip. Jade insists that she would rather risk getting this "Swan flu" than have to miss her field trip though. She also babbled on about how they had already paid for the charter buses so we may not get our $40 back that was paid for this trip and all I have to say about that is someone better be calling BO and asking for a special "canceled excellent field trip bus fare already paid parents need money back" stimulus package.

Jordan pulled a muscle during track practice a couple days ago and told me on the way home that her coaches said she may have "split shins" hehaha. Don't tell her I told you...she will hit me.

Kayla has decided that cute summer dresses are not the same as wearing shorts (which she has refused to wear for the past 6 summers). I think I would be way more comfortable hanging around in shorts than I would a dress but w/'s better than bluejeans! She is getting there.

Ralphie has figured out that after we put him in the van to drive to school we open the now, instead of being a good bratty dog and jumping right into the van...he runs to the gate to try and get out. grrr @ paininthebutt dogs.

That is all I can think of right now because Survivor is coming on in 3 min. and I have to go watch.



Sandra said...

I'm so glaad your back!

Donna said...

Me too!!! I was beginning to think your modem had been taken away like your sister's!!

Donna said...

And oh yeah---I have a theory on this LOST show....I bet they're ALL vampires!!! snicker

Donna said...

I know we're not supposed to say anything...but I pick B!!

Casey said...

You can thank me for this new summer dresses trend. My new goal in life is to make Kayla a girlie girl. We've got the pedicures, we've got the dresses... we're getting there!! :D

LOL @ split shins and Swan flu! hahahaa! Your kids are awesome.