Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moment Of Silence

I am officially retiring some of my clothes. Normally I would just keep them until they die but since I am still wearing stuff I bought 10 years ago it is obvious that I am just too good of a shopper and these clothes aren't going anywhere voluntarily. Who knew that clearance rack $2 pull-over would last that long?!
When your mother posts a picture of you and your little sister from 5 years ago...and the outfit you were wearing then is the same outfit you wore 2 days is time to refresh your wardrobe. When you are a 36 year old mom who has a t-shirt collection that puts your teenage daughters to is time to buy some big girl clothes. is my problem. The Junior section of the store is not fit for a child over the age of 14 which means that the older teenager needs to shop in the older, still hip but fit for a young ladies body section. That my friends, only leaves the stretchy pants and embroidered hummingbird shirts. What do 30 somethings wear? You don't want to dress like a teenager (really ladies, please don't dress like a is not attractive on them and it looks plain silly on you...)however, if the teenagers are shopping in the more adult section, there isn't anything left!

Another major turn off is when you are looking at what seems to be a nice "in-between" section and see something that you think is pretty cute and then a lady in her early 80's comes over and says, "lookie here Gladys..this is cute" and is talking about the same thing you were just looking is time to go home and regroup.

I think I need Clinton and Stacey from What Not To Wear to come and throw all of my clothes away, give me a $5000 credit card and tell me what to buy. I'm not sure I would enjoy paying $750 for one pair of pants though. Someone needs to teach them how to bargain shop.


Mindy said...

yeah - I don't want to spend that much on one piece of clothing, either....but if you want me to, I am totally there for you to nominate you for what not to wear. =)

Donna said...

Hey---you should just be VERY proud that you can still wear what you wore 10 years ago!! You go girl!

Kim said...

Kohls has cute, cute non hummingbird stuff. Try it!

Sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I didn't forget, I even have a card for you, I did forget to send it! Should have given it to you when I brought Kayla home. I hope you aren't mad at me for the chick, if you decide to give it away, please give me first choice.
Love you,