Monday, April 6, 2009

You've All Gone Mad

Up until today I was feeling a little guilty for not being excited about Spring Break. Well, I was selfishly excited because I wouldn't have to set my alarm and could sleep as long as I wanted, but that was as far as it went. Then you hear all these mom's who are all: "I'm so excited about Spring Break! I'm gonna take my kids here and do this and spend lots of quality time and blah blah gag..." So I thought, ok. This year we are going to stop cleaning and working and really concentrate on doing fun stuff...and then:

Wake up on the first day of Spring Break and it is 30 degrees outside and drizzling with the possibility of snow showers by Tuesday.

The kids decide that since it is Spring Break they can destroy my house more than usual and get offended when I ask them to pick up after themselves because, "Gah mom, it's Spring Break!"

Even the dog woke up this morning and decided to eat his toy basket so now we have shredded wicker all over the house as well.

2 hours after the kids finally decide to wake up they are already:
"I hate you"
"Shut up"
"You shut up"
"I would shut up if you would shut up but since you won't shut up I won't shut up"
"You started it"
"No, you started it"
(Mom: holy cow girls...could you both just stop talking?)
"she won't stop!"
"You are the one who won't stop!"
pushing and shoving and girl fighting
(Mom: just go to your rooms, NOW!)
"Fine, I don't care"
"You ALWAYS take her side!!"
(Mom: I sent BOTH of you to your rooms!)
"But SHE started it!!"
fake crying and stomping...slamming doors
(Mom: you are both grounded)
(Mom: Tell me about it. :/ )

Not Fair Indeed.


Sandra said...

Suppose to warm back up Wed. They dont ack that way down here. Do you want to ship them out or do fun, quality stuff with them. Oh, what about Easter? They could stay until Sat. night if you want them to go to church Easter. I'll call you when you think about it awhile.

Mindy said...

So.....this is why i'm glad that my three are going to the inlaws for spring break next least from Tuesday afternoon/evening - Friday morning I won't have to hear any of that.....I do have a question though -- my girls are young and already do this -- did your girls do that when they were 4,5,& 7 or did it just start?!!? loads to look forward to it snowing there? It is snowing here...

Janis said...

Here is it is high pitched squeals when Jacob goes near the girls and lots of "I don't want you in my room!" I was crazy enough to let Jacob bring someone home from church to spend the night, too. I will be happy when Monday comes...

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I came to see what you thought about Lost this week!

The smoke monster special FX reminded me of a low budget wizard of oz. Really thought they could have done better there.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

where did you go?