Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Went Outside!

Today me and Kayla (Kayla and I?) decided to lock the doggie in his cage and take a trip to downtown Chattanooga just to hang out. I was thinking we could go to some of those cool shops that you can't find at the mall but we only hit a couple of them.
Kayla is not the best shopper. I look and she follows me. Literally. She follows me around the store without looking at anything for herself. Just follows. Weirdo. I did make her go browse by herself but that only lasted about 3 min. until she decided there was nothing she was interested in. Movin' on...
When we go out just the two of us...and have money...we always eat somewhere we have never eaten before so we can have something different and maybe find a new favorite place to eat in the future. Today we went to 'The Mud Pie'. It was underwhelming. It wasn't bad but it wasn't memorable either. Kinda bland. Thumbs down. Next.
Our plans were to walk across the bridge, we were on the Coolidge park side, and check out the other side of the river but it was getting close to school being out and I wasn't sure if Rocky would get my message to pick up the girls and I really didn't want to get halfway across the river and have to run back across to get to the school in we left.
On the way home we stopped at the LaDean shop to see what kind of prom dresses they had. Ummm, no. Dude, when you have prom dresses with tons of sequins on them you can hang them next to each other without putting them in bags. You wouldn't believe how many dresses were damaged. Bad business. She tried on a couple and decided she wasn't going to the Don't you love how trying on clothes makes girls want to just go back home, get in their p.j's and forget about going anywhere again...ever? The lady who worked there had her little girl with her. She was pretty hilarious. She kept asking if I wanted a "bar". I had no idea what she was talking about so I said, "no, thanks" Turns out she was selling candy bars. I still didn't want any but she did manage to sell 4 to a nice man who was getting fitted for a tux. After he bought them the little girl proceeded to tell him that his "butt looked big in those pants". Then she told her mom that she wanted to go watch t.v. because "her neck hurts because she has been wearing it all day"
I did manage to get ahold of Rocky and he agreed to pick up the girls so we went back to Chattanooga to finish what we had started. We went to the Hunter Museum and looked at the art stuff. It was pretty cool for the most part. I'm not entirely sure that the old mansion part of the museum is safe though. We went up to the third floor and I'm tellin' ya, those floors did not feel stable. They were creaking and seemed to be sinking when you took a step. I told Kayla that the people on the second floor were probably wondering who those fatties were on the third floor making all that noise. It was fun but like the Aquarium it is one of those places you could go to once a year and that would be plenty.
We got to walk around the Art District. I have decided that the only thing you need to do to be considered artsy is to braid your unbrushed hair into pigtails...throw on a crocheted beanie hat and some pointy glasses and you're in the club. I also saw one girl's entire butt. Not on purpose. I actually gasped because it caught me off guard. She was sitting in one of those outdoor restaurants and her whole butt was hanging out of the back of her pants. Whole butt. Sadly I have become accustomed to seeing crack so that doesn't phase me much anymore but entire butt's should not be shown in public. I don't care if you are an artist. That is ugly.
hmmmm. what else...
We walked down to the Aquarium in search of a Cold Stone Creamery but couldn't find one. I'm pretty sure there is one down there somewhere but it was getting late and I didn't want to be caught 5 miles from my car when the sun started going down so Kayla bought us an ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and we headed home.

Tomorrow I get to stay home and try yet again to get the funk out of my carpet. If it doesn't work I am ripping them up.

That is all.


Mindy said...

A couple of things.....
one -isnt the mudpie the coffee shop on Frasier? If so ---I agree -- food isn't their specialty.

Second - there is a coldstone creamery down by the is down across from Rosses Landing. maybe you didn't walk far enough?

Sounds like a fun day though!!! I miss downtown Chattanooga.

Christi said...

Yes, the one on Frasier. We saw about 10 other places afterwards that we would have probably liked better but we can mark it off our list of places we haven't tried!

Ahhh, I did a mapquest for coldstone a few months ago but when I did the street view it led me to the middle of the road beside the aquarium...that was odd. But I knew it was around there somewhere. Next time for sure! I'm not very good at finding stuff downtown because I'm not down there enough to just explore and I know the people who actually know where they are going get annoyed at me for the stop-go-stop-go driving I do when I'm looking for something.
There were tons of joggers in the area. I'm sure they were not impressed with us walking down the road with our giant ice creams. haha

Donna said...

The part of this story that I'm most impressed with is that You Went Outside!! Good Girl! :-D