Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost Thoughts...

First, I would just like to say...for the record...that it would be O.K. with me if Desmond were in every television show on t.v. I would watch t.v. all day because, well....

I know! Right?!


Jack - if I were knowingly getting on a plane that is going to drop out of the sky and end up on a mysterious moving island I would not wear a suit! Really Jack? A suit? Did you learn nothing from your last adventure? You could have at least wore layers so you could share some of your freshly laundered clothing with those people who were not fortunate enough to get off the island. You should have also stuffed your pockets with some sort of tasty treats for those who were left behind. Maybe some everlasting gobstoppers? Those last a while. Also, what if that note had said, "JACK DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GET ON THAT PLANE!" You would have felt a little silly, right? You should never not read notes from dead guys before trying to crash land on an invisible island. That should be in a rule book somewhere.

Kate - I'm beginning to dislike you and your moodiness.

Sun - You are not a super hero. Why would you leave your child with your mother when you know your dad whom you hate will end up raising said child if you do not return? Yeah, too late to ponder that now.

Hurley - You would be my best friend in real life.

Sayid - You are second only to Desmond. I'm glad they let you get back on the plane!

Now, here's what I think....I think Kate is pregnant now. This is because she didn't take the baby back to the island but to recreate the whole scenario as much as possible there needed to be a baby going back. Also, I believe that Ben killed Penny. He promised her dad that he would kill Penny since his dad was responsible for killing his (not really) daughter. I know he was all bloody and beat up looking but Ben is shady. He probably beat himself up after he killed her. And why is it noone asked what happened to his face? Anyway, that was the thing he had to go do after he left the church. That would also support my theory that baby Charlie is Charlie charlie because something happens to Penny and Desmond. I believe Desmond will find Penny dead and come back to the island later to kill Ben because really, how much of a show is left if we can't see Desmond?

That is about all I felt like needed to be said. We'll see what happens this week!


Donna said...

Since I don't watch this show, I'm totally LOST!! The Bachelor is really good this need to watch it next week!!

Mindy said...

I just left a comment and I don't know what blogger did with it....grrr.....
so - as I said - I was wondering about Desmond myself.
And your theory about Kate being pregnant is an interesting one!
I was wondering how it qualified as all 6 of them being there if Aaron wasn't there. Wonder where he is anyways?
And about Ben -- I figured Sun and Penny's dad had him beat down....guess that is too simple isn't it?

Christi said...

I don't know what she did with Aaron. I'm guessing she just hid him and told Jack to never ask about him so in case someone were to ever look for him she would be the only person who knew...and she won't tell.
I still think Ben killed Penny. I don't remember which episode it was but he promised Penny's dad that he will kill her...and then when Jack asked where he was going he said something like, "I promised an old friend I would do something before I left" or something shady like that.
I think the punched up face he had was just where Penny was trying to defend herself? I don't know.

Brooke said...

I'm with you on Jack wearing a suit....maybe he wore some swim trunks underneath??? hahahaha

(I would have brought twinkies with me instead of Gobstoppers. Yeah, they would probably been smashed during the crash but then again, I'm not opposed to eating a smashed twinkie.)