Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm An Athletic Child

According to my blood pressure which is 103/64 I fall into the range of Athlete/Child. I'm halfway to a coma and if my blood pressure gets lower I will have to take meds to keep from randomly passing out. Ha Ha. Well maybe not that close. I'm in the Low Normal range. And I haven't really moved much today or yesterday or tomorrow.
Or maybe I really am an athlete. Maybe what I do every day is all they do everyday and all this exercise stuff is just hype!
Since I now know that my blood pressure probably rivals that of Michael Phelps, I will go take a nap and relax for a while.

Peace Out


stephcl2 said...

what made you check your blood pressure in the first place. Since mine is not much higher than yours, 115/70 I think I will take a nap also. I like your thinking on this.

Christi said...

Rocky, or as I like to call him, Grandpa...has his own blood pressure machine to go with all his old man medication he takes and it was out...sitting by the computer...staring at me...so I decided to play with it.

Casey said...

I just checked my blood pressure and it was 86/54. I think that puts me in the category of dead.

Tell Grandpa Rocky I say hellooo!

Donna said...

All I can say is enjoy that low blood pressure while you've got it----mine used to be low without 3 blood pressure medicines!
OR---go to the doctor...I'm sure I've probably passed along that 'white coat syndrome'. lol

Sandra said...

your ok. when I was in hs it was 70/50 and they thought I should be dead. I played basketball and was healthy as a horse, so dont worry about it unless you start passing out.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

it must be hereditary because mine is really low too. only 90/60 at it's highest..hr is also never above the 60's.

chris, did you watch lost last night? I missed all but the last 15 min. can't wait to catch up!

Sandra said...

You need to tell us how the first sunday at your new church went! I hope it was exciting for you.