Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not My Favorite

Valentines Day is coming up and I'm not excited. I don't like it. I think it is lame. Flowers are pretty but they are flowers and should not cost $100...they die. Things that die in less than 48 hours should cost no more than $3.99.
Chocolate is yummy but those boxes of Valentines heart shaped boxes full of mixed chocolates are gross. You get 30 pieces of chocolate, eat 5, and have finger holes in the rest (because that is the only way you can tell what they are). If I were a box of mixed chocolate maker I would make boxes with only caramel, almond, plain milk chocolate and crunch. Dark chocolate should be against the law along with unsweet tea.
Going out to eat on a normal day is annoying but on Valentine's Day it is impossible. Why does everyone have to eat steak on Valentine's Day? It is not romantic to have to stand in line for an hour and a half to get food. Since when does, "I love you", translate into a medium well slab of beef with a side of garlic potatoes? You should feed the people you love all year long.
Jewelry is great but I would much rather you save your money and take me on a trip...but not on February 14th because it is cold and I don't like to be cold.
Better yet, bring home a couple of pizzas and a movie. That would be amazing and would cost less than $20.


Mindy said...

Maybe one of you sisters should call up your hubby and tell him that you want pizza and a movie for valentine's day....maybe then you might like it. =)

Sandra said...

Last year your dad waas out of town on V day, so I wasn't expecting my usual card. But when I got home there was an orchid at my back door. Still have it to.
Year before that, I didnt have a card for your dad, so I got a piece of red paper, drew a heart with an arrow through it. On the inside I wrote Love You, Enough Said

I think that was the most creative card yet. We never go out to eat on V day.
We are just all romantic like that.