Saturday, January 31, 2009

Preach Sunday And Wednesday And Bury Our Dead

That is what will be expected of Rocky from our new church in Sale Creek as told to him by Wally. I'm not sure what Wally's last name is but who cares right? People named Wally do not need a last name because their first name is so fun to say! Wally Wally Wally. Ok.

They will be voting on him February 15th I think but they have talked lots and it's pretty much a done deal. It will be bi-vocational but I think that makes me happy because I'm not a huge fan of change. Just ask my wardrobe. This way he can keep working in this new steady job with insurance but still pastor.

We have been up there a couple of times and the people are really nice. We even ate at this one lady's house (I'm pretty sure she has a name but it wasn't "Wally" so I don't remember it...)I'm just gonna tell ya, she knows how to cook food.

It seems far away but it only takes me 30 min. or so to get there and the drive is very easy. Most people drive that far to work every day and I'll only be driving it a couple days a week. Plus, if you subtract the amount of time it takes me to get to my church will only take an additional 20 min to get to the new one. Can you tell I have been trying to rationalize the driving time in my head? Wally.

So there ya go!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I love Wally already!!!!

I'm so excited for you..:)))

Donna said...

Good for yall!! How do the kids feel about changing churches? I'm sure Jade will be fine...she never meets a stranger...Jordy will just have to whisper to the new people for a while :-)

Donna said...

Did Wally happen to tell you how many people in the congregation were dead?

Mindy said...

How exciting for you all!
I hope it is a very smooth transition.

OH, and maybe Rocky can do a few weddings in there too....might be a bit more fun than the funerals.

Sandra said...

Happy Dancing for Rocky and You! You just be careful with your longer drive. BTW where is Sale Creek and what is the name of the church? Love and Kisses to all.

Anonymous said...

nice blog!!

Christi said...

haha. I hope most of the people are living! I don't think the kids care.
It'll be fun. At most they can get 150 people in there and already they run around 115 so it'll be crowded and they need to build and they need a kids program and a paint job and lots of other stuff but they all seem excited and ready to work so we shall see!