Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Aren't You Happy Dancing?

I just installed a door knob all by myself. YES! I KNOW! It was one of those, "oh forget it, I will just do it myself" moments. Jade's room wouldn't shut all the way and for some reason the dog decided that it looked like a nice place to tinkle when it was too cold outside so it was either get rid of dog....

awwww, that is his scared look...just kidding buddy.


install a new door knob which I would have done a long time ago had it occurred to me that we have 3 doorknobs just waiting to be installed. Why do we have a supply of spare doorknobs you ask? Talk to the closet doors that have been sitting on my back porch for 4 years waiting to be put in. My next project. :D

So anyway, I did it all by myself! Without directions because the directions were too confusing and mostly in a foreign language.

Now you can start happy dancing.


Sandra said...

I would happy dance, but I'm too tired. But am proud that you decided you could do mechanical work. Way to go! Now, I have a few things you could do for me...:)

Mom said...

It's really not as hard as it looks when all those pieces are spread out in front of you. When I changed Mamaw's, the hole wasn't in the right place on the door and I had to find a wood file and I'd file, then Darla would file....well, it finally went on! But congratulations on becoming a Real Woman because when something needs done....we can do it ourselves!!

Donna said...

The last comment was in no way meant to 'put down' our wonderful husbands :-)