Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mindy & Lisa

I was looking around at blogs and found this one that I thought you both might like since you have little girls with long hair.


Casey said...

How cute!

Can I just say, I am so lucky my little girls will have their wonderful Aunt Christi to fix their hair, because I can't even do a simple braid without it being lopsided or just overall goofy looking.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh how happy I would be if Sydney would sit still and let me try some of this stuff on her! Casey, you hold her down on one side and Christi you the other and let's tie her hair in some knots! :))

Donna said...

Those hairdos are really cute...but I bet the poor little girl lives with a headache!!

Christi said...

Yeah Casey because you know my kids always had the cutest hairdos! haha

I was thinking the same thing mom. That kid's hair was TIGHT. I'm guessing she isn't tender headed.

Mindy said...

Yea - A couple of thoughts from - I'd love to do these do's if I could find the mornings are too hurriend.
two- the screaming that would come from my girls mouths would be horrific.
But - if I ever have time and I want to endure the screaming-- I might do some of these ---they really are cute! Thanks for the link Christi!