Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fridge Full Of Cookie Dough

For those of you who supported the RMS band program by buying a tub of has arrived! Not sure when it will be delivered. :p

I have to give it to the school system. They really know how to get a kid to sell overpriced items to family and friends. I'm usually opposed to all things fundraiser which is why you normally do not have to buy things from my kids but this time they were on a mission and there was no stopping them. They were promised a party for those who sold at least 5 tubs and a prize for those who sold at least 10. So, of course that was the goal and while Jade didn't make the 10 mark she hit the 5 so it was all good.

As it turns out, the party was an after-school event which if you ask me defeats the purpose of a party because what is a school reward party if you can't skip a class to go to it?! So on top of the inconvience of selling and the constant pestering from my kids, I had to postpone my day even more to pick them up late from school. When I picked them up they said, "that party was lame, all we did was eat chips and play video games." They do that every day at home. To make matters worse, the "prize" Jordan got for selling 10 tubs of overpriced cookie dough was this little plastic toy that I could have bought at the dollar store.

But, I guess it was for the good of the school so I can't complain much. I just think that if kids are going to ask people for money they should have something amazing to offer like house cleaning or yard work. Something useful. Or it could be that I'm just no fun and am not a team player. Yeah, probably that.

I am also going to tell you how the first day at the new church went but am kinda waiting for this guy to send me some pictures so I can have a little show and tell. I took my camera but have a hard time with taking pictures in church. My camera doesn't do well without the flash and it's pretty distracting to have a flash going off during church so I didn't take any pictures.

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