Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't Get Right!

I really wish I was one of those people who could lay down and BAM! I'm asleep in 5 seconds and then when it is time to wake up....KAPLOW! I'm up and happy and energetic and ready for the new day....sigh....

Instead it takes me 30-45 min. to fall asleep and a pot of coffee & 3-4 hours after I get out of bed to completely wake up and feel alert enough to function.

So I have been trying to figure out how to manage my sleep schedule to best fit my day.

The whole time I was on Lisa's retreat I went to bed early-ish (as early as someone can go to bed when Lisa has the microphone haha) so when I woke up I wouldn't be grumpy and would have enough sleep to be sociable. That was ok except I missed most of the social time because I was in the bed trying to get enough sleep to be social. I know. By 10 p.m. I was done and ready for bed again and it was because I was missing my afternoon nap! So going to bed early and getting up early doesn't suit me....

Next I have tried to go to bed a little later (11ish) and get up early (6ish-to take the kids to school) and nap around noon. Well that is all fine and good but it totally takes away a third of my day when I have no distractions and a little peace and quiet. That's no good.

Then I tried the whole 11 bedtime and 6 get up time with a 4 p.m. nap. That works out pretty good except then I am not sleepy until around 1 a.m. and still have to get up at 6 a.m. to get the kids off to school or sleep late and pull into the school parking lot sideways...tires squealing...saying "if you run to class you may get in there before the bell rings!!" but since I only had 5-6 hours of sleep I wake up sleepy and even if I don't take a nap until 4 I am useless because I am too tired to do anything.

This morning I just said forget it...I'm going back to bed as soon as I watch the episode of Amazing Race that I missed on Sunday. That is what I did and I slept until noon. Grrr. The dog was supposed to wake me up around 10 but he fell asleep too so he is useless. There is no accountability in this house.

So anyway. That is my issue for the day. I still haven't figured it out. I just wish I could sleep all morning and stay up all night. I don't like morning or anything associated with morning. Except sunshine. If the sun could shine at night that would be great.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I think you are anemic. Seriously! Have you had any blood work done lately?

Otherwise, I hate mornings too but I'm too danged ADD to stay in the bed.

Sheryl said...

Ok...we are twins separated at birth. You are describing me to a Tee. When you get it figured out, would you let me know.

Had to laugh that your sister thinks you're anemic. (I mean, I'm sorry if you really are...ok, I am done now) Off to read more of your blog, this is my first visit.

Amanda said...

I'm the same way. I love my sleep and on the trip I got 0 hrs. it felt like. I am tired all during the day and then about 7 all I want to do is sit on the couch and wait for bedtime.lol. I think part of mine just comes from being lazy.Hope something works for you soon.

Sandra said...

Cut out the daily nap. Get your blood and thyroid checked. Your the same as me in the sleep dept I just have better excuses. haha If you have low blood, or your thyroid is screwy, you have a great excuse!

Rena said...

This cracked me slap up!

Guffaws wanted to break out but my husband is snoring and although I'd like to interrupt that, I'm thinking it would be nice to let him sleep.

BECAUSE LIKE YOU, I CAN'T! WHAT is going on? I take Benadryl EVERY night! I took Melatonin for a while and think I need to start it up again.

Maybe you should try that. Supposedly all sorts of benefits. I don't know. But sleep would be great.

I feel MUCH better now about trying to manipulate my toddler into watching some cartoons for one or three hours this morning while I slept. Funny how that works. Find someone that shares your problem and suddenly there's a ray of light. Doesn't add up.

She generally tugs at my eye mask and says, "WAKE UP." So now, I just lay in a position where she "thinks" I'm watching cartoons with her. And then I nod off.

I feel guilty. I want to be all perky like you mentioned in your opening. I really do. But like you, I DO NOT LIKE THE MORNING! It's beautiful and all....but I think it would be much easier to take on the beach! I love the beach.

Now that I found your blog via The Preacher's Wife, I'll be visiting....

Stop by sometime. Maybe we can grab a midnight snack or something.

Many blessings,
Rena Gunther

Janis said...

Christi, I found your blog through Lisa's and I just have to say that you seem to be so much fun! I live down the street from you as well, but we have never met-weird, I know!? Anyways, I take my nap around noon as well, so I completely understand your quandary. No nap-hateful, not fun mom..take a nap-can't get to sleep until 1. I get it-maybe it is the Rossville air. Have a good day!

Janis Rodgers

Christi said...

haha! you guys are hilarious!

Here is why I don't think anything is wrong with me...

I can stay up all night long and have tons of energy. It's just the daytime. It sucks the life out of me. I want to sleep all day and stay up all night but LIFE insists that I get up early and go to bed early.

Maybe it has something to do with all the stuff you have to do in the daytime. At night nothing is open and there is nowhere to go so you can just relax and have fun?! IDK.

Hello Janis! I wondered if you still lived in the house down the road just the other day. I haven't seen you guys outside lately..but I don't go outside much so that could be why. When I do go by there though there are about 20 kids in the road. Where did all those kids come from?!

Janis said...

Still here...We don't go outside much. I might have to do some yardwork then and I don't like to sweat. Yes, there seems to have been a kid explosion around here. Of course, mine are not normally outside with them-they like to stay inside, too. Congrats about Rocky's new church. Isn't it awesome what God can do?