Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No...It's Not Like Your House

I know I have already posted once today but as I was looking around my house trying to figure out why I was on the verge of a panic attack yesterday because of all the things I needed to do but today can't think of one thing knowing full well that something needs to be done, I remembered a couple of darling kids that came over to my house a long time ago. This story is still relevant today because nothing has changed, in fact, it is probably worse...

First Kid: We will call him boy #2 because Lisa numbers her kids instead of calling them by name.

He was over at my house and needed to go to the bathroom. Nothing exciting about that. When he came out of the bathroom he said: "You need to call Bob Villa". And walked off. You have to understand that this kid never speaks and yet he felt compelled to point out to me the sad state of disrepair my bathroom was in. Message for Boy #2: It still looks the same way...5 years later. :p

Second Kid: This was the grandkid of a neighbor who used to come over and play with my girls.

This kid walked into my living room and said, "Are y'all havin' a yard sale?" I know you are wondering what the big deal is. The big deal is that NO we were not having a yard sale. I just had piles of clothes, dishes, dvd's, shoes etc... all over the living room and this kid thought we were having a yard sale when in reality that was just our everyday stuff that we walk on, over or around.

This weekend Jade had a friend spend the night and my house ate her cell phone. I can't find it anywhere! Of course, you really don't have a 'starting place' when it comes to looking for something around here because it is all one giant mess.

I tell you this because for those of you to whom I say, "My house is a mess", I would respectfully ask that you not say, "Oh, it's ok...so is mine" when we all know that your definition of mess is: dust, vaccuum, empty trash...and mine is: I lost my dog somewhere..I can hear him whining but I can't pinpoint which pile he is under.

Think of it this way: If my kid wanted to spend the night at your house and your house looked like my house looks all the time, I wouldn't let them come over there. :)

My mess can beat up your mess.


Mindy said...

And I've already commented once today but I must say this -- I looked around my house today and said "WHAT A MESS!!!" And I have 4 small children..... of course -- you have teenagers so you could be right.

Brooke said...

WOOOHOO!!!! I knew you were my kind of girl!!!

I'm so with you when people say their house is a wreck when actually their "wreck" would be comparable to mine after I cleaned all day!!!! We live in piles. Piles here. Piles there and piles on top of piles. The places between the piles, however, are quite livable from time to time so we are not nasty..LOL...just cluttery....ha

Karri said...

That's too funny! They make a pill to help curb OCD for people who clean too much, but I wonder do they make one to give you OCD?? That's the one I need!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I cleaned all stinkin' day yesterday but only because things were growing in the shower. I don't currently have any visible piles, but you don't want to open anything with a door or look under anything with a dust ruffle. It could be dangerous.

Janis said...

I think it would be a close tie on your mess beating my mess. Want to have a competition?:) Then I can say that I can't clean cause I got to win against Christi!!LOL