Friday, March 20, 2009

Short Pants Short Boots

I was super excited in Pigeon Forge because I scored a pair of short boots for 75% off! I KNOW! All I have are long boots and while noone can tell the difference when you wear them with some point it gets too hot to be wearing them. Last year I pondered on buying the short boots when they were on clearance but decided not to and then when the next year rolled around I was filled with regret because I needed some but I refuse to pay full price for short boots because you are getting less product for the same price as long boots. Are ya feelin' me? Good.

So I get my short boots and am all looking forward to wearing them with my new dress pants. I got all ready and the boots looked good but then I sat down and the pants shrank up above my ankles. :( I don't usually lose my cool just because my ankle is showing but when you add short boots and short pants you get a whole bunch of ugly. Add to the fact that I don't usually invest much time or thought into sock shopping so I just had on my regular all white ankle socks. Now picture it. Short boots, short pants, white ankle socks sticking out of short boots. Pretty sure that picture hasn't been in any fashion magazines lately.

I'm so sad! Now I have to go and buy dress pants that are 'long' just so I can wear my short boots. I don't like to wear pants that are so long I walk on them. It's annoying!

So if there is anyone out there who is looking to buy boots, remember: short boots/long pants...long boots/short pants...and buy colored socks so you won't look like a hillbilly.


Brooke said...

I bet they would look even cuter with capris...hahahahahhahaha

Have you watched Lost yet???

Christi said...

Or pajama pants!! :p

NO! Every time I try to watch it it freezes up after loading 30% but I'm fixing to reboot so maybe that will work.

Janis said...

Now this is why I don't buy boots. I have two main types of shoes-my Clark clogs and sandals. I don't have the energy to figure out which pants should go with which boots!

Mindy said...

Precisely why I don't have ankle boots!

Sandra said...

You are a hillbilly, whats the problem! haha

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I wear white socks with my black boots all the time but ALL pants are long on me so I don't have this

Karri said...

Christi, it was so great to meet you on our trip. I can't get over how polar opposite you and Lisa are, are both great! On the boots issue: I can only wear short boots anyway since tall boots tend to hit me about mid-thigh (don't you know that's attractive on my roly poly body type)!

Rena Gunther said...

I think I'll stay away from short boots. I'm frightened.

I'm not so tall--5'41/2". YES, the 1/2 counts! Especially when you spend nearly 11 years of marriage arguing with your husband about who the tallest is.

Okay, so he's 5'5"! But his legs are short! Mine aren't exactly long. I'm long-waisted. But his are like, SHORT! Toddler short? Maybe not that short! But you get the picture?

I like long pants because they make me look lonnnggg. I take my What Not To Wear tips seriously!

BUT...I understand what you mean about walking on them. UGGGGHHH... So that leaves only one option--boots, wedges are really high heels.

It's torture what we put ourselves through.

Thanks for the smiles! ;)