Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 Reasons Why I Will Probably Be Grumpy Today

Reason #1:

I cannot get ABC to load the last LOST episode! Maybe I should reboot my computer? Everything else works. Lisa sent me a text last night about jumpsuits and Jack and Workman and now I'm all, "dang, I might have to rethink my theory" but I can't watch it to see what is going on! I will save it until I am able to watch the show. I'm sure there is a special secret hint in there just for me.

Reason #2:

Bugs. A bee flew by my head this morning! Isn't it too early for bees? GAH! I hate bees. AND that is not the worst thing. Jade said she found a TICK in the bathroom (of course she crushed the life out of the little beast and flushed it but still..) I also found a tick crawling on my dog a few days ago. Do you know how many ticks I have seen in my life? Maybe 2. But already this year I have seen 2. That makes me itchy and paranoid. What if I have a tick? Maybe that is why my blood doesn't flow!

I have never had a seasonal preference because it's always springtime in my house no matter what the weather is outside..however, now I think I hate summer/spring because of bugs and bees and fleas and ticks and hotness and sweat and lawn mowing and flip flopping (I love flipflops I just can't stand hearing them flip and flop) and how obvious it becomes that I don't have a tan and leg shaving and having to match your toe polish with your clothes and bathing suit shopping.

Reason #3:

I don't care who wins this basketball thingie...what I do care about is that you are putting this dumb basketball thingie in the place of some of my favorite shows. Don't you have your own special sport channel for stuff like this? I guess I will be able to get more stuff done around the house until your giant ball dribblers finish throwing the little orange ball into the nets but next year you should really consider showing it on CNN or PBS. I never watch those channels. Thanks.

Reason #4:

I accidentally left the news channel on this morning and heard BO's (Barak Obama) voice. I'm starting to understand the people who couldn't watch George W talk. However, at least my W. was entertaining. BO just gets up there and says, "I am people are dumb...I can say HOPE and you all fall at my feet...I am a pretty man...You people are suckers...I are all losers...I am running the country into the ground and putting us into so much debt that the United States will no longer be a super power and will have no voice in world affairs because we will have to ask China for permission to speak because they own us! If you love my decisions it is all me...if you hate them, it was someone else's fault...I have no idea what I am doing...blahdy blahdy blah I'm amazing. Now cheer for me so I can go pick my favorites to win the basketball tournament while you all try to figure out how you are going to buy groceries this week...."

I'm not sure if that was an exact quote... but that's how I heard it. :)


Mindy said...

A couple of thoughts.....
1) Watch last night's was good. I hope you can download it.
2)You've only ever seen 4 (now) ticks in your life? I only have one thing to say -- city girl!
3)Summer is my least favorite season -- not really b/c of bugs -- bugs don't bother me's the snakes and the sweat and hotness--- I don't like those things.
4)BO---- that is funny!

Brooke said...

1. I really hope you have watched Lost by now....I'm sure there is something in there to bring new theories!!! Jack in the workman clothes....Didn't Ben's dad wear a workman uniform?

2. I'm with Mindy...4 ticks in your entire life? Sheesh. Did you know you are never more than so many feet from a spider? and that you swallow 20,000 spiders in your sleep in a lifetime. (Don't believe me? It was on some kind of nature channel.)
Your welcome.

3. Believe me. It's all they talk about on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News. Jamie flips it between all three afraid he might miss something.

4. You do remember the commercials on Bo Jackson?
BO knows! Now we can use it for Barry!

Christi said...

OHMIGOSH!! ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh. No way was Ben's dad the one with the Workman uniform!! I couldn't remember who wore that. Oh dang...You don't think Ben's parents are Jack and Kate do you? LOL ew ew ew ew ew.

I haven't watched it yet. Ben's dad looked rough though in those flashbacks so he can't be Jack unless Jack really let himself go after he found out that Ben was his son. hahaha. Gah! I have to see it! It keeps freezing up on me.

Rena said...

Reason #4

You pretty much got it right. That's what I hear as well.


Brooke said...

Yeah, probably not Jack....but there has to be something to do with it.....????
Have you watched it yet????????????ha

Amanda said...

You have to watch it soon..I wan't to talk about it!!!!No one gets it or even attempts to get it at my house!!Their no fun. My mom just got done saying how ridiculous it was and I went crazy on her!!Don't be talkin' 'bout my LOST!!!lol. It was a great one!!!Hope you computer works soon!!!!!

Sandra said...

You nailed it girl! I didn't evven listen to him, cause I cant stand to hear all the lies. I will just read your comments on BO and I will totally know what is going on!

Amanda said...

Oh I forgot something.....Just to make you feel good about the tick thing when I was in first grade I had a tick on my head ...eeeeewwwww! I know!I played outside nonstop, so it was only a matter of time I guess. I just remember going to school and telling everyone on the playground that I hade a whole in my head from the tick!lol!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm not a good lost theorist...I just listen to everyone else's and try to see if I can make it work in my head. I'm still thinkin' it was no accident they made a point of showing Jack's uniform as Workman.

I think my favorite part of the show was the look on Juliet's face when she figured out the baby was Ethan and then nonchalantly hurrying to give the baby back to Amy...hysterical!

And the BO rant was dead on..LOL