Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did You Hear That?

That loud groaning wailing panicing noise of sheer helplessness, fear, and distress that just broke the sound barrier was me...a mom...who just found out that instead of the customary 3 day Thanksgiving break from school, her kids will be home for the entire week of Thanksgiving. THE ENTIRE WEEK?! What happened to advance notice? Shouldn't parents get to vote on this stuff? Yes, I know you sent home a calendar at the beginning of the school year but who really reads it?

Now I love the idea of sleeping's the getting up and finding something for 3 bored kids to do to pass the time that is not my favorite.

I'm bored
I'm hungry
Can we go somewhere
I don't want to clean
She isn't cleaning as much as me
I had t.v. first
It's too cold to play outside
I'm bored
Can we go to the mall
Can we go to the park
I'm bored
I said it was my turn to use the computer next
Shut up, no, you shut up, no you shut up
I'm bored
Why do we have to go to bed...there is no school tomorrow...and it's only 6:00
There is nothing to do

Did you hear that? It was me again.


Sandra said...

Then there should be no problem sending the girls down wednesday, to prepare for the big cooking day. I hope Kayla is in cooking mood that week, cause her catgranny really needs her!Jade and Jordan can come to help me with last minute pick-up and hide it in the closet stuff!!

Mom said...

Wow....that seems like it may have happened to me sometime in my lifetime!!

Nikki said...

Okay..I will send my kids over next week and it will solve everything. ; ) or you can take my place at work and Ill take them to the mall and park. My boss will never know!

Christi said...

Sandy - will you have room for 3 kids and your brothers family too?
and Umm, ok. you can have them on Wednesday. :D

Nikki - that will not solve my problem..hahaha What are you gonna do with your kids? Did you take Thursday and Friday off?

Mother - It was Lisa and Nikki who acted like that. I was the good one.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

that exact conversation happens at my house when kids are out. but we only have 3 days to deal..

no, i'm not rubbing it in..:)

this blessed nest said...

your list is too funny & so true.
found you via chatt blogshere.
happy thanksgiving!