Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lifetime Movie Network For Women

Anyone who knows me knows that I get hyper-obsessed with something until I get over it and I find something else to obsess over. Lately it has been HGTV, The Food Channel and The Vacation channel. Well, I'm over it. So...I have been searching for something new. I like the old movie channel unless it is a war movie or a western. Since that is what was showing this morning I decided to switch over to the Lifetime Movie Network for Women. I'm perplexed.

What makes this channel for women? Here's a sampling of the line up....

A woman marries a man who she thought was a good guy but he turns out to be a pshyco killer...so she kills him

A woman works for a doctor that she thinks is a good guy, turns out he kills his patients and stalks her...so she kills him.

A woman's child is kidnapped...she hunts him down....and kills him

A woman is raped...the guy gets off....she kills him

A husband cheats on his wife....she kills him

A woman cheats on her husband...totally not her fault...he was probably gonna kill her, right?

A kid has an eating disorder...which in my opinion is just a movie to teach kids how to successfully have an eating disorder...good news? no one dies (most of the time)

I kinda feel bad for the unsuspecting husband that comes home to a wife who has watched these movie marathons all day.

"Honey, supper is cold" BAM...she kills him.


Nikki said...

So the moral of the stories Is do not mess with pms

My new/old obsession is the New kids on the block...MAKE IT STOP

Christi said...

HaHa Dang. That is one messed up obsession!

Sandra said...

If you get the WFN (World Fishing Network) watch it. You will then know why all the movies have the women killing the men. You get your OCB from your dad. This month, you guessed it, WFN. Did I tell ya'll how exciting my life can be?

Christi said...

Wow. World Fishing Network? I don't think I will ever be that bored.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Your posts have been rocking the casbah...lol

Christi said...

Gee, thanks for getting that weird song stuck in my head Lis!

Nikki said...

I remember when u and Rocky would sing new kids songs to each other until you found out it wasn't cool....hahahaha

Christi said...

Ha! We used to sing Milli Vanilli songs too until we found out they were lip syncing.