Thursday, November 6, 2008

Khaki Schmaki

Just an update:

I went to Old Navy and they didn't have her size.

So I came back home...waited for her to get out of BB practice and went back to the mall. Just so happens...Santa Claus came to town at the mall today so what was already a crowded area was aggrivated by swarms of toddlers waiting to see the jolly fat man.
Ended up going to American Eagle who had khaki's but they were $24.99 so we checked Aeropostle and they had left over school uniform khaki's on sale for $14.99 and I was super excited until I found out it was just the left over which, they had a size 1/2 but in 'short' only.
So we got the American Eagle pants. I didn't see them any cheaper at Walmart and I didn't have time to order online. Also, I'm out of gas again and Jordan was grumpy. Finding them 5 dollars cheaper just didn't seem worth it. :D
Oh, and the kicker...picked up Jade from school and told her we couldn't go to the library because I had to get Jordan's khaki's and she said, "Oh, I need some for band"
Curses!! I would order hers online but she needs odd sizes too. So, as soon as I get the pen I just shoved into my eyeball healed up...I will be going back to the mall.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


i'm laughing at you, not with you..:)))

Mom said...

There are several sizes of khaki's at WM...don't know what size Jade wears tho. I saw a size one in the junior dept today...why is it that Jordy can't wear a one?

Christi said...

Size 1 is too short on her.

I think Jade can wear a size 5/6 short but that was a few months ago...