Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Is These Fries Cold?

I was running late to Mamaw's yesterday so I had to stop and pick her up a corn dog and fries at Krystal. It was really a shame that I couldn't stay longer because she was Hilarious!

Mamaw: (after eating her corndog) Why is these fries cold?
Me: Well they weren't cold when I bought them...maybe you just waited too long to eat them!
Mamaw: No, I think you just didn't cook them long enough.
Me: Well, I was in a rush and ended up having to take the dog with me to run my errands because he wouldn't come in the house....I just went through the drive thru to get your time I will tell them to make sure the fries are good and hot. Do you want me to heat them up?
Mamaw: NO! You'll heat my whole plate up!
Me: No, I can put them on a napkin and heat them up.
Mamaw: Awww, you're silly. (Eats all but about 5 fries) Here, you can have the rest of 'em.
Me: Gee, thanks Mamaw. I don't want your cold fries!
Mamaw: heeheeheehee...well, you should have cooked them longer then!
Me: I didn't...nevermind.
Mamaw: (look of concern on her face) You didn't let the dog eat out of my food did you?
Me: Uh, NO!
Mamaw: I bet you did! Why else would you be laughing so?
Me: Umm, I didn't and because you are being hilarious!
Mamaw: Heeheehee...You did.
Me: I don't let animals eat my people food. That is gross. That is why I don't have cats...they climb on the counters and stick their faces in your food.
Mamaw: Shoo Weee! I don't want any cats! You're mama sure likes 'em though.
Me: Sandy has about 12 cats!
Mamaw: Woooo Weeee! What does a body do with that many cats?
Me: I don't know. I think one of her cats had kittens and they couldn't bare to get rid of them so they had them all fixed and kept them.
Mamaw: WooooWeeee! That is a lot of fixin'!
Me: Yeah, I know! They have a ton of chickens too.
Mamaw: Did they fix them?
Me: haha..I don't think you can fix a chicken can you?
Mamaw: Sure you can. You wring their heads off!
Me: ROTFLMBO!! I guess that would fix just about anything!
Mamaw: My mom used to do that. Just grab them by the neck...twist it around like this (showing movements) a few times and their heads pop clean off!
Me: So, do chickens really run around after you pop their heads off?
Mamaw: Whaaat? I never seen one do that.
Me: Well, people say they "run around like a chicken with their head cut off" I was just wondering if that was true.
Mamaw: Well, not after my mama wrung their necks they weren't runnin' around.

That is all I can remember.


Casey said...


Oh, man. Christi and Mamaw moments never fail to crack me up! I'm sitting on the futon all by myself, laughing like a fool with tears running down my face... haha!

Sandra said...

I am down to 11 cats and I use them to bring down my blood pressure! Yes you can fix a rooster, that makes them a capon. Dig that dont you! Your Mamaw is a real hoot! Does she still know who everyone is? Chickens do run around after you chop their heads off, Mama and I never wrung their heads off, so maybe they dont run around if their heads are wrung off instead of being chopped off!