Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ode To George

Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie
You always made the Democrats cry
When you took office...tragedy struck
You showed the world that Texans had guts

They didn't find the WMD's
But you did hunt down and destroy some sand fleas
You were patient when the protesters wailed
I would have made them take showers and put them in jail

You choked on a pretzel and people made fun
You fell off your mountain bike, you should probably just run
It cracks me up when you get tickled
I like to see your shoulders wiggle

Hollywood seems to think you're dumb
Which only leaves me thinking, ummmm
Shut up and entertain me nitwit
You shouldn't speak unless you're reading a script.

I have watched you age in the past 8 years
I'm sure you're probably tired
But if McCain gets elected you can rest
Sarah Palin can see Russia from her yard

Farewell my friend
You will be missed
If Obama wins
We'll be communists
But just to leave it on a happy note
Yee-Haw, happy trails, and don't forget to vote!!


Mindy said...

I just wanted to say, yeah -- I'm gonna be sick if GA goes blue.....
Because unfortunately, the state I live in now -- is probably going that way........the only hope I have left is my good ole home state.
Hope you are well!
And I just want to say here that my word verification for this comment is "widerme" -- what is that a hint?!!? =)

Anonymous said...

Did you make this up?

Christi said...

Of course I made it up! I got some mad rhyming skillz yo.

Sandra said...

You have way tooo much time on your hands! :o()

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Did you seriously make that up???

Christi said...

Yes! I should probably copyright it, eh?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Abso-stinkin' lutely...

YOu are gifted.. truly gifted...