Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Quitting School...

I picked Kayla up from school a couple of weeks ago and she said, "I'm quitting school, it costs too much to graduate." I agreed. She is quitting tomorrow.

haha. not really.

Seriously though, dang. Senior year is ridiculous expensive...if you want your kid to have
Senior Pictures - approx. $300-400 (plus a $75 sitting fee)
A Cap and Gown - $40
Graduation Invitations (and all the stuff that goes with them) - $160
Senior Prom - $200-300
Yearbook - $50 etc... (And these are only the necessities)
And could one of you guys buy this poor kid a car?

Hope you have an extra $Grand$ or so laying around when your kid is a Senior or at least plenty of candles and bottled water when your utilities get shut off. lol
note to self: pay power bill today before 5.

Btw, I ordered the 'Poor Boy Package' of invitations so I may have to ask you to read the invitation, re-seal the envelope and forward it to the next address.

And to think, this is my easy one. Jordan and Jade will graduate back to back.
Wonder if it is too late to start home schooling?


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Go get dad to take pics of Kayla with that mac daddy camera of his..i want to learn how to use it..

Sandra said...

Hey, Hey Lisa. That is a great idea. I have picked out the poses I like of Kayla and it should amount to around $10,000. If we do it ourself, the cost of photo paper, which will be zero since I already have some.
Can Kayla drive a stick shift? We have the truck we might consider letting her use, but she has to come on Saturday and haul the garbage off and ride Dingo around town. Ya know, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!