Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ms. Grumpy Pants

Yesterday at Mamaws...

Me: Hi Mamaw
Mamaw: Hey, why are you here?
Me: I'm here to see you and I thought you might be hungry...want some lunch?
Mamaw: Well, if I knew who's house I was in, maybe. I had to hunt for the bathroom. Who are these people who live with me.
Me: This is your house. No one lives here with you. Darla spends the night.
Mamaw: Why?
Me: Errrr
Me: Did mom come see you yesterday?
Mamaw: I don't know
Me: She brought you some HOT Taco Bell didn't she?
Mamaw: Oh, yeah. Look of disdain. Why do they keep moving me?
Me: They don't, this is your house.
Mamaw: giving me the crooked one eye stare, OH! PHHUUMP.
Me: hungry?
Mamaw: Well, I guess, there probably isn't anything to eat though.
Me: I'll go check it out...back to the living room...You have some Chick-Fil-A Nuggets in there
Mamaw: Oh. Goody.
Me: hehe, huh? Are you being sassy?
Mamaw: Crooked eye stare
Me: Or, you have some cup 'o soup.
Mamaw: That sounds good.
After Lunch and Back to The Chair
Me: Have you listened to any good tapes?
Mamaw: NO
Me: Hmm, o.k. Turning the tape on anyway....
After a few minutes of awkward conversation
Me: Well, I have to go pick up a kid. Darla will be here soon!
Mamaw: I'm getting sick of being moved. You tell them to quit moving me so much.
Me: Okey Dokey.

So...Stop moving Mamaw. She is getting grumpy about it. :p


Sandra said...

Your grand dad met Ollie, as he was coming in she was going out, at the door with her arms full of her underwear and pajamas. She was leaving' she said. He told she was not. I am to. No your not. Since he blocked the door and she couldnt slip out, she didn't leave. haha Your MaMaw sounds just like her! I can totally relate.

Christi said...

I remember once we were down there and she thought she was cooking bacon but was really tearing off strips of the cardboard bacon box and frying it while singing, "goin ta cook th' bacon, th' bacon..." lol

That will SO be me.

Mom (or Donna) said...

Ollie was a hoot before she got sick...I remember the singing :-)

Mom (or Donna) said...

I thought Mom was over the 'house' business for a while....How many times and ways can we tell her it's her house? She goes to the doctor next thursday....maybe I can talk Dr J into some better 'happy pills' for her.

Mom (or Donna) said...

Or better nerve pills for me....whichever works!