Sunday, October 12, 2008

Focus People

Ok. Let's not keep putting this off. This year we are planning ahead.

Halloween Night...

Place: Mom's
Time: ??
Food: ??

Do I need to bring a candy bag for my kids or will Granny have some?

I think we should all be there at 5...before it gets dark. Is everyone o.k. with that?

Any food suggestions? I'm open.


Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

We'll probably need EASY food because the kids will be anxious to go kind of easy food shall we have?

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

Also, I'll have to check out my bag situation...not sure what I have stored :-)

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

what about chili and hotdogs? any other finger foods y'all can think of ? will nikki make her spinach dip?

and the time is fine with me..

Christi said...

Chili and hot dogs sounds good to me.

I told Marsha to bring cupcakes.

I think there will be 22 people there. I am counting all of us, Justin, Marsha and her bunch and Robin with her kid. Am I missing anyone?

Who is making Chili and who is bringing hot dog stuff?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'll bring some chili...I'll put it in my awesome crock pot with the lock down lid...:)

Anonymous said...

whew whew...Christi takin charge??? What got in to you?? haaaaaah

Take my kids when you go then I can leave after work and be there close to 5. I can't think about food right now..I'm still full from last week bleh!

Christi said...

Yeah, I can take your kids Nikki. Just don't let me forget. Better yet, tell them I am taking them. They for sure won't let me forget.