Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Your mom musta raised you strange"

That is what mamaw said to me today, "Your mom musta raised you strange." I agreed with her. :-)

I didn't go to mamaws until around 3 today and she was hungry. If you ever try to feed mamaw you find out pretty quick that nothing sounds good to her. Today I gave her the choice of a warmed up hamburger, a warmed up corn dog or potato soup. She chose the soup. The problem was that it wasn't really potato soup. It was chicken corn chowder. haha. But she doesn't like chicken if you ask her so I stopped telling her when I feed her chicken. She wasn't in love with it. I think she thought it was pretty nasty and couldn't figure out why it didn't taste like Marsha's potato soup. The conversation today went something like this:

Mamaw: Where do I live?
Me: You live here.
Mamaw: Where is here?
Me: Erm, Rossville?
Mamaw: This tastes different.
Me: Well this soup has carrots in it too...maybe you ate a carrot thinking it should taste like a potato. Next time think carrot. haha
Mamaw: hehe, huh?
Mamaw: Who lives here?
Me: You do.
Me: remember I used to come up here and you would be popping beans?
Mamaw: Popping beans? What?
Me - (explaining what bean popping looks and sounds like)
Mamaw: haha, Your mom musta raised you strange.
Me: yes, yes she did.
Mamaw: Where do I live?
Me: Las Vegas...kidding...you live here, in Rossville, on Peachtree Street.
Mamaw: hmmm, this tastes strange.
(cut to after the dumping of the soup and replacing it with chocolate pie) :-)
Next 20 min......where do I live...here....when did I move here....erm, IDK...Who lives here with me....Nobody, but Darla spends the night...Oh....Where do I live?

After Lunch:
Scene - walking down the hall
Mamaw: does someone live under the house?
Me: no, that is just your basement where you have all your canned food...you know, those popped beans.
Mamaw (who is now poot walking) - well those beans aren't the only things popping!! hahahaha
Me: Dang mamaw, I had my mouth open and everything...you need to warn someone if you are gonna start popping.
Mamaw: poot, giggle, poot, giggle, poot, giggle
Me: Holy cow Mamaw! Let me walk in front!!

Good times, good times.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


Did you actually say dang in front of her? She would smack me for that one..lol

Christi said...

Well, she would have to catch me before she could smack me.

Sometimes I catch myself before I say any word that starts with a 'D' but I figure if she can tell me all about her bathroom adventures...I should be able to say Dang, that's nasty.

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

Boy am I glad this is JUST for family...you have me LOL for sure! You must admit, your Mamaw is very entertaining!!

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

Oh...and by the way, since I apparently 'raised you strange', the term is: Breaking Beans. So if you use that correctly, when she pops off going down the hall, let her know she's 'breaking wind'. (Trying to correct my mistakes in child raising.)

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

Roddy always comments on her objections to 'by-words' by saying "how much better is it that you smell your butthole when it crawls past your nose." Of course, NOT to be said to Mamaw ;-)

Anonymous said...

o gosh..don't get moma's child raising complex started lol

Christi said...

haha. I can't think of any bad childhood moments. I think kids are just spoiled brats and even if you do the best you can they will still find something to complain about so I wouldn't put too much worry on that subject.

You have to remember that you are talking to the kid who walked to her mamaws house because there wasn't a spoon clean to eat her chili with. Mamaw can't remember much but she still remembers that.

Your Mama.... said...

I remember some bad childhood moments for me. Getting spankings and the spankings continuing until I stopped crying. Getting slapped in the face for telling Mom I hadn't been on the phone very long when I was suppose to be washing dishes. Happened to glance in the mirror while I was vacuuming and until Mom has recently lost her memory---I've heard about me just standing there with the vacuum running..looking at myself in the mirror. Getting grounded for saying darn when I was talking about Tommy Crawford's band and his plans to quit school...I could go on and on. Lol...bad bad girl!!