Saturday, October 11, 2008

a little dysFUNctional

I remember throwing a softball through the kitchen window when mom wasn't home. It was totally an accident, I was trying to throw it on the roof and then catch it when it came down but missed. If I had an older sister to pass with, maybe it wouldn't have happened...but I digress. Dad was home and he rushed off to the store, bought a new piece of glass and fixed the window before mom got home. Can you say SuperHero?

I remember going to McDonald's, which was a rare treat back in the day, and I was sitting in the front seat holding everyone's drinks. Mom decided we were gonna do a little something special and eat at the park, whoop whoop! When she turned into the place we were going to park I wasn't expecting the turn or the hump we went over and it threw me forward, crushing half of the drinks and spilling most of them. Oh, the horror and utter sadness over ruining this cool thing we were doing. But mom didn't yell at me! She said, "it's not your fault, I should have told you we were turning." huh? Really? And then, instead of giving the loser kid who spilled the drinks the one that had very little beverage left in it, she took it and gave me and the other loser kids (lisa, nikki) the other ones. AwWwW. Not getting in trouble and/or being punished...priceless.

I remember the Christmas that I peeked in the living room through that weird folding doorway we had and seeing mom putting out Christmas presents. I was the year that someone got cowboys and indians? Not sure who...I just remember that.

I remember being in awe of Casey singing "The Grundy County Auction...hey pretty lady won't you give me a sign, I'll do anything to make you mine all mine, I'll do your bidding and be at your beck and call....yeah never seen anyone looking so fine, man I gotta have her she's a one of a kind, I'm goin' once goin' twice...I'm sold to the lady in the second row she's an 8 she's a 9 she's a 10 I know, she's got ruby red lips blonde hair blue eyes and I'm about to bid my heart goodbye....she was only like 3 years old. And how she could 'read' a book by memorizing all the words when she was, what? 2? Alien kid. Fo' sho.

I remember phrases, "no eating crackers in the bed"..."you won't go to hell for listening to country music"..."you can invite everyone in your class to your slumber party but they probably won't come"

I know there were a lot of things in between my memories that were probably a lot less memorable but still good. It just makes me wonder what my kids will remember about their childhood. I think that I will probably pull out the wire coat hanger and cut all their hair off if they ever complain about it.


Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

You DID have an older sister....where was she? And I don't think I would have been mad about a broken window??
Pretty cool memories, I'm glad I was nice to you when the cokes spilled---I remember me being really grumpy times--eeek!
You should have been around the time I stuck my tongue out at Mamaw's back....and she turned around too soon----just about bit my tongue off with that 'pop' on the face!

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

And that should have said "really grumpy AT times" lol

Still's just at work now :-P~~

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I remember the window. Don't know where I was though? Obviously not playing catch. The only catch I remember was Rodney W. hitting me in the face and giving me a black eye.

I totally have no recall about the drink thing or that we ever went on a picnic? Which park?? I remember Armando's on Thursdays cause that was mom's payday..:))

And yes, Casey was and is brilliant. I remember her wanting to dress sexy like Peg

As for what my kids will remember? I cringe to think. I yelled at Sawyer for spilling our french fries today. Great, now he'll blog about me one day and tell everybody.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

and i just have to say that my feelings are hurt that my mother COMMENTS ON YOUR BLOG BUT NOT ON MINE. but whatever.

it's dsyFUNctional.

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...


Your blog is for your 'blog world friends' and I don't really belong there....this is just for family....You could start a 'family' blog different from your preaching blog...and I'd love to comment. By the way, tell the birthday kids I'm sorry I've missed their birthdays but I'll get their cards to them soon (or at least by Halloween.)

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

My Blog

Anonymous said...

yeah..I remember that weird black acordian door...and those were MY awesome cowboy and indian lincoln logs.

Just a Mom trying to keep up with her kids said...

I'm not exactly sure WHY we had the accordian door---does anybody have any ideas?