Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toby's Baaack

I'm super duper excited about the WinterJam Tour this year. I just had to share the lineup and remind you that the tickets are only $10 at the door! Hello?! $10. Now the down side is the line that you have to get in early and stand in until the doors open to ensure you get in. Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Who will be there?

NewSong (since they host it)
Brandon Heath?
Stephanie Smith? (there are always a couple of new artists to open up while everyone is coming in)
And the speaker:

It's Jan. 9th at the UTC Arena (in case you are as super duper pumped as I am)

Now, my first thought was to ditch the youth group and just take my kids and see if you guys wanted to come too! I'll have to confirm that I can ditch the youth group though. We probably won't be doing a winter retreat so we may have to do this with them. But, even if that is the case...we can still all meet up. If you have never seen Toby Mac in concert...your life is not complete.

Now, a hilarious story:
A couple of years ago we took the youth and since we had to wait for people to get off of work and kids to get out of school, we didn't get there until 5:30 ish. The line on both sides of the arena was backed up to the projects. It was crazy crowded. So our bus guy let us out at the front on the sidewalk and we were gathering up to walk to the way far far far away back of the line....low and behold, God showed His favor upon us and opened up a new second line just for us, because we are Shiloh and Jesus loves us mostly. So, we took it. Walked up the steps and were almost at the very front. Well, apparently this blessing was not recieved well with a church group beside us who had obviously been standing in line for 2-3 hours to get that coveted spot.

They were all: Oh, huh uh. We have been here since creation and it's not fair that you jump ahead of everyone else.

Me and all the kids: Whistling...did you hear that? Hear what? Thinking: Omg, are we fixing to have a church group fight?

Rocky: Ma'am, Sirs, this line opened. We didn't break. We just got in the line.

Disgruntled and Obviously Not Right with Jesus Church People: You can't just get up in the front like that...most of us are church groups and that is just not right when we have been here longer.

Me and all the kids in our football type huddle: I'll take the big girls, take the other girls and maybe some of the smaller guys....boys, take the guys and grown men. Ready? BREAK!

Rocky: Look, we don't want anyone to be mad..blah blah blah...yadda yadda...we aren't moving. Rocky is an excellent discussion haver when people are disgruntled.

So we have ourselves a stand off.

Me & very nervous church kids: Just don't look them in the eye. Keep your heads down and look straight ahead. Me: I'm moving to the front and leaving the boys in back to take the first blows...who's with me?

Not a moment too soon, the doors opened up...we all got in safely and sat in a sweet spot away from the haters.

Who says Christian concerts are boring?


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh I want to go!!! And the crowds are like that at Beth Moore conferences, too. You've never seen more ugly women than the ones running to get a good seat...Craziness.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

P.s. I know Tony Nolan's wife cause I'm all COOL LIKE THAT IN MY OTHER LIFE.

Nikki said...

When is it? If I go I want the floor

Nikki said...

by the way...I need a babysitter for wed. the 29th so I can go to the New kids concert.

Yall are jealous aren't cha!

Nikki said...

I am doing sooo goood I have erased like 50 smartelic comments before I sent them. GOOO MEEE!!!

Christi said...

It's January 9th Nikki. and, I think the floor is reserved for people. It has never been open before to just go and sit there. It's not like a regular concert where everyone is rushing the stage. For the most part people stay with their seat so I'm not sure you could sneak out there.

Nikki said...

um..I really need a babysitter Wed...whos going to volunteer? are yall ignoring me??? Do you know what happens when Im ignoreddddd???

Christi said...

We are doing Judgment House at our church that day Nikki. Plus, Jordan has basketball until 5:30 so we will be going straight to the church and will be there for about 5 hours. They wouldn't have anywhere to be if they were with me.

What time does Heath go to work?

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

He goes to work at 1:49:02
sorry..BUT It wouldn't be very smart to announce that to the whole internet since I DO NOT HAVE A BABYSITTER!!!!!!!!!

Your Mama.... said...

Like the whole internet is interested in what our family's saying....we barely have the interest of the family!! I can call from work and check on them....and they can have all my numbers in case they need me.....what time will you be home?

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

I'll be home at the buttcrackadawn. Then I'm off to work! YAY

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

How'd judgement house go??

Christi said...

It's going good so far. Just long nights and cranky kids. We are running through Thursday.