Friday, December 5, 2008

Come Baaaaack!!

I MISSED THE GARBAGE MAN 2 WEEKS IN A ROW!! How is this possible? It is not a man job to take the garbage to the road? 2 weeks now I have left this man job for the man and 2 weeks now the garbage man has passed without picking up my trash because the trash is still sitting in my trash can IN THE YARD.

Now I will be the first to say to my kids, "hush your poptart for dinner..there are kids in China who only wish they had poptarts." But come on! This is the worse! You can't miss the garbage man who only comes once a week! It is December. The month of extra trash. You miss a week you can't catch up! I fill that can up to the top every single week and now I have 2 weeks worth of backup. man o man o man o man....I need a nap.


Ginger said...

Hi, Christi! I have spent the last hour(s) reading your blog. You crack me up!! I've LOL several times. I'm adding myself as a follower so I can LOL on a regular basis! :)

Sandra said...

What does pop tarts have to do with China or taking the trash out?? Well since that is the only job that Lynn does without a cattle prod being stuck up his .. you get the picture, on a consistent basis, then Yes, it is a man's job. Getting the man to do his job may take some effort on your part. First, you have to remind said man that it is his job.
Second, you have to take said cattle prod and tell him how rediculious he is going to feel when he has to go to ER to have it removed from aforementioned location.
Third, put aforementioned garbage in back of mans truck. This might get his attention, especially if garbage has exited garbage bags.
Fourth, well, you get the picture by now, but if not let me know and we will continue with countdown.

Casey said...

I thought your lovely husband took it out while we were shopping last week! You texted him about it and everything!

MEN!!! :)

Christi said...

Casey - I KNOW! I texted him early too! He said they had already went through by that time. w/e

HI GINGER! Gosh I haven't seen you in years! Just keep in mind that most of what I say is

Sandy - The man's problem is the same as the kids problem. they are just used to me doing it so I won't have to think about it anymore. I'm an enabler.