Saturday, December 6, 2008

Most Excellent!

Yesterday was a good day. Don't get too excited because it probably won't mean much to you but I thought I would share anyway.

A couple of posts ago I expressed my thoughts in hoping that Corinne was voted off of Survivor. Well, I missed the original airing on Thursday but was able to catch it on Friday. I won't lie. I was looking a pretty bad for my buddy Matty (even though he is not my favorite he is in my top 2) and I was getting nervous but in the end, after all the lies and scheming by Bob and Corinne...Corinne was sent packing! Yes! Go ahead. It's o.k. You can do the happy dance. Do It. I'll wait.


We have had this gift card for Outback for a few months and last night Rocky decided he wanted to use it. I didn't tell him that I had already eaten enough at dad's birthday dinner to last me for the rest of the weekend because I didn't want to hurt his we went.
If you have ever stood by a door and waited to be seated for almost an hour you know how unfun that is. The greeter said, "30-40 mins." which was pretty bad but we ended up waiting more like 50 mins. which in Outback time is really no big deal. What is Most Excellent about this experience is that since they made us wait a little longer than promised, the manager gave us a free appetizer! FREE. In Outback money that is the price of a small goat for a starving family in Uganda. On top of that they were really putting on the customer service show. I had 2 refills sitting on my table and had only half finished my first Diet Coke. The manager even offered a free cold brew. haha. No Thanks. But I'm sure that would have made a drunkard pretty happy, yes? And, they doubled the size of the ribs Rocky ordered. He couldn't eat them all and I couldn't finish my sandwich because of the giant plate of FREE cheese fries we ate. So we took the rest of it home...asked for a take home container and the waiter brought us 3 containers a free loaf of bread and a cool Outback bag to tote it all in. Yes, we were special because I saw lots of people taking their leftovers out without the cool bag.
Amazing Right?! I thought you would think so. That is why I am sharing. Rocky kept watching the time and the door to see when the perfect time would be to go to Outback in the future (if someone gives us a gift card) but I'm thinking I would rather wait that extra 10 min. and get great service and free stuff!


Casey said...

Oh, for cryin' out loud!

How do you get free stuff every time you go to Outback? Last time you got that cheesecake because your fries were burnt, and this time you made out like a stinkin' bandit just because you had to wait an extra ten minutes. TEACH ME!

Do you still want to go shopping? I think I'm off Thursday and Friday.....

Christi said...

how about Thursday?

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I want to be invited but I can't go on Thursdays..I have to teach those stupid Bible Classes..:)