Thursday, December 25, 2008


I couldn't leave Ralphie out of the Christmas pictures! I just won't even bother telling you how stinkin' cute he was this morning opening his Christmas present. Of course he has already decapitated his new teddy bear but we didn't expect it to last very long anyway.


Casey said...

Aaaah! The first one is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Evverrr!

I love Ralphie. He really is a cool dog after he gets over his initial excitedness and chills. :)

Sandra said...

How handsome he is! I love your new site, it looks really nice.

Kim said...

What an outstanding picture at the top! Hilarious!

I wish I had your blogging site looks fantastic!

Christi said...

Ralphie is pretty handsome... :D

He gets his double chin from Rocky. haha

Kim - I don't really have any blogging skillz...I just copy my backgrounds from

it's pretty easy and it doesn't erase all of your side widget thingies.
Oh, and I saw on your blog that you have new Christmas pictures! Those are really good.