Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Yeah, That's Why

Every year I get sooo excited about the yummy food that is served at Thanksgiving and every year I ask myself, "Why don't we cook this yummy food all year long?!! It's the most yummy food on the planet and we wait until Thanksgiving to cook just doesn't make sense."

And then Thanksgiving comes and I eat yummy food for Thanksgiving and the same yummy food leftovers for lunch the next day and then yummy Thanksgiving food from my mother in laws for dinner and then yummy leftover leftovers for lunch the next day..and then my kids decide we should cook yummy Thanksgiving food on Saturday for ourselves and so we do and we eat yummy food on Saturday and finish off the yummy food after church on Sunday.

If I have to eat one more plate of yummy Thanksgiving food before Thanksgiving next year I will cry and barf.

That is why we only have yummy Thanksgiving food once a year.


Mom said...

I found a plate that Roddy brought home from the mountain (while we weren't speaking) this morning in the fridge with my name on that's what I ate for breakfast!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I never want to see another dumpling.

That's all.

Jaime said...

Come see the giveaways on my blog.

this blessed nest said...

I am so with you on this! Our fridge is full of left-overs. I am s-i-c-k of the yummy food. Give me a salad the rest of the week & i'll be happy.

btw, just found 3 deals on cyber monday. nothing to brag about.
thanks for visiting my blog & your sweet comments.

have a great week.