Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monkey In The Middle...On Strike

I did my best to wrangle up a Christmas get together date but it fell through so I'm passing the baton to someone else....

I am NOT available on the 12th or 13th or 18th (Christmas Concert)or 20th(Dad's party)

Jordan has basketball games on Tuesdays and Fridays but they are over by 5:30 so it shouldn't be a big deal

I personally do not care if we do it on a weekday but I only speak for myself. Everyone else will have to chime in on their own behalf.

Let's not put this off any longer than we have to or else it will be stressful and not fun. Focus people. If you work...check your calendar and just Say When.


Sandra said...

I asked and Lynn told me that he will be traveling back to home on the 19th from Iowa. I'm sorry, I knew he was going that week, but I thought it was only for a couple of days and not the whole week. BTW do you realize that the ribbon effect on your package looking site covers up a portion of the text. Hard to read, especially for those of us who wear glasses and bifocals. :oD

Sandra said...

Also, wanted to say I'm sorry for kinda cutting it short with you. I was not at a location where I could carry on aviable conversation. The only place where I can be without 6 people talking to me at the same time is the restroom. I have reached my stress limit for the week at work so, you may be reading about it in the paper...Manager Goes Postal at Pirelli!

Christi said...

That is fine. Just keep us on the 20th.

The ribbon shouldn't cover the text unless you have scrolled down too far. Try scrolling all the way to the top.

Mom said...

Stressful and not fun?? Isn't that what it always turns out to be? I've been stressed OUT since 2007!!

Christi said...

It Doesn't Have To Be Stressful!!

Pick a date. Do It Do It Do It.

You know your schedule. What are your days off?

What are Casey's days off?

What time should we be there?

We'll cook a giant bowl of taco meat and throw it on a taco shell. BOOM dinner done.

Casey said...

How did tacos become our traditional Christmas meal? I'm not complaining, just wondering. haha.

Mom, you have been stressed OUT since 1971. Don't front like it's only been a year. Lisa started it, and it was a great big snowball effect from there. :))

Christi knows what I think. Somebody just pick a cotton pickin' date so we can stop arguing about it. Sheesh.


Christi said...

Tru Dat Little Sis...Tru Dat.

What date are you supposed to pick cotton? I'm probably free that day too!

We could eat tacos and sing Feliz Navidad.
We could have a chinese christmas like on The Christmas Story and sing Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

CatGranny said...

I would LOVE to have tacos. That is a great idea! Done. Done. Done.
Donna, I am only stressed at work. Luckily when I leave I dont take it with me...except every now and then. That is what the chickens and cats are for, they listen to me, and comiserate with me and its all better. :o))))

Mom said...

I don't have any chickens and my cat isn't very sympathetic. It's not just the job that has me's also Mom. Do yall realize that I have only had like 2 days at home since Mom had the bleeding brain? And I'm not complaining about Mom...I want to spend as much time with her as I can but I'm exhausted and all this 'disagreement' over Christmas just makes me want to do like Mom said and crawl under the bed and hide til it's over. I don't know Casey's schedule so if yall are gonna be fussing at me....get to fussing at her too! It's not just our schedules that messes up the planning....yall have lots more going on than we do. SO THERE!

Mom said...

Is anyone planning to go to Marsha's on Christmas Eve IF Mamaw goes?

Mom said...

I feel bad leaving you out of all this exciting Christmas planning on this side of the if we ever set a date, you're welcome to come to my house. :-)

Sandra said...

Oh, thats alright, the less excitement I have the better. I would invite you to my house, but that might prove to be a little difficult. I really wish it wasn't so. I think you and I would have a grand ole time! Secret meeting perhaps. we will talk later about that. I have from the 15th to the
2nd off, so maybe we can meet and do something together?

Christi said...

Geez Louise.

I talked to Casey. She is supposed to get back with me about the 26th which is the Friday after Christmas. If that would be easier. BECAUSE I know you are gonna be stressed out if it is any earlier because you won't be ready. Now, if you need a day or two of free time I would be glad to take your mamaw spot for you...I will also help you clean and wrap.
DO NOT STRESS OUT! That is the only reason I am pushing for a date because if we have a date we will not keep having to wonder about it and keep putting it off one more day and that one more day turns into a week and then new schedules come out and it's even more stressful and then Christmas is over and we are still trying to pick a date in January.
The only days I am not available are the days before the 19th. After that it's all gravy. I'm the last person to pick a date just because I have less to do than anyone.
Christmas Eve is on a Wednesday this year. I'm not sure if we are having a Church service or not. If not, we will probably try to drop in at Marsha's IF Mamaw goes...which she probably will because she told me that Thanksgiving wasn't so bad because they kept all the 'loud ones' in the back room. hahaha

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

The 19th was awesome.

I'm stuck in the past.

I must move forward.

Weeknights are fine with us as long as it's a day when Sawyer doesn't have a 7th grade game. They don't have enuff to play if he's not there. If it's a 7/8 game, I'll make him skip. We really aren't that hard to work with.

Christi said...

Lisa forgot to mention that Luke's birthday is on the 22nd. If we can avoid that day it would great for the kid to be able to do his own thang on his birthday this year.

Sandra said...

As I said up above, I have the week of the 15th pretty much to myself, if you dont count the doctor appts. I have 4 that week. Anyway, I might be able to help you out some on Tuesday. If Christi could do Mrs. Crawford, I could help you shop and wrap or even help you with Mrs. Crawford. I met her at Lisa's wedding, and she might remember me. She doesnt have a gun does she?? :O>

Mom said...

The Friday after Christmas would be alright with me....but what about the others? I'd still have to find out about Casey's schedule. Lisa, when are yall going to Frankie's? I think that's usually Christmas day, isn't it? And Nikki, are yall going to Crossville on Christmas Day?

Oh brain is tired....I'm going to bed and SLEEP thru Christmas!!

Love to All,

Christi said...

Friday the 26th works for me...